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Laura Midan, Executive Director of Agassiz Harrison Community Services.

United Way announces nearly $220,000 in grants for 2015

United Way distributed almost $220,000 on Wednesday to 24 Fraser Valley projects, addressing poverty, homelessness and making sure young children are ready for school. 

“By increasing the funding available from $90,000 to $217,844 we were able to include some projects that we’ve never had an opportunity to partner with,” said Green. executive director of United Way. “We consider these important investments in our community. 

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Give with Confidence

There was a suprising article in The Vancouver Sun last month. United Way of the Lower Mainland (not the Fraser Valley) had announced they did not make their campaign goal, and would have to cut funding to some of the senior's programs.

The comments below the article were interesting. Some blamed United Way Lower Mainland, saying their CEO makes too much money. Others said the government is at fault; they should be supporting these programs. Others said it is the donors - they need to step up and give more.

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Abbotsford Hospice Society, Chilliwack Hospice Society. Cyrus Centre Ministries and John Howard Society are the new local United Way community partners.

United Way provides community partner grants and funding to agencies in the Fraser Valley to ensure there is a strong safety net of services available in the community.

“We’ve been looking to enhance services available to individuals and families in the communities that we serve,” said Wayne Green, executive director. “We are only able to do this because of the incredible support we’ve received from caring individuals, employees, unions and corporations.”

Les Talvio, executive director of Cyrus Centre Ministries, said they are pleased and honoured to be named a community partner.

“We realize that with being named a community partner comes the responsibility to work with the community and partner agencies to enhance the lives of those we serve.”

The Abbotsford Hospice Society is a natural fit for United Way.

“The Abbotsford Hospice Society provides essential services to those who are grieving in our community, and our role as a community partner will enable us to enhance these services,” said David Turchen, board chairman of the AHS.

“Chilliwack Hospice is proud to join the United Way family,” said Liz Lynch, executive director of the Hospice. “Thank you so much for your generous contribution to Chilliwack Hospice Society. We provide palliative and bereavement support, free of charge, to the residents of Chilliwack and Agassiz.”

In total, United Way has increased the number of Community Partners from 24 community agencies to 28.  

More money for our community

As part of our commitment to our donors, United Way works to ensure that of every dollar we raise, as much as possible goes to the community. As a responsible steward of our community’s resources, we are pleased to report to you how funds are allocated.

The United Way Fraser Valley has just received their 2013/2014 financial statements, audited by Manning Elliott Chartered Accountants. Due to an increase in the 2013 campaign total, and a reduction in our costs, the financial statements show that the cost of fundraising has dropped from 19% to 15%. This is significantly lower than the national average fundraising cost of 26%, according to Imagine Canada. 

To read our 2013/2014 Annual Report in detail, please click here.

It is important that when you give to United Way, you can have confidence that you are making a difference in our community. improve and strengthen whole Fraser Valley communities. We thank you for your support in changing lives.


2014 Grants Announced

March 26, 2014

United Way of the Fraser Valley distributed cheques last week that will fund 10 programs to reduce homelessness and poverty, or to ensure children age 0 to 6 succeed.

See the full list of programs here.

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