Start A Workplace Campaign

Join us this year and make a difference!

A United Way Fraser Valley workplace campaign is a great way to be a part of our community and to build a stronger team.

One out of every three people in the Fraser Valley gets help from a program or service United Way funds. The bulk of this money comes from people like you, giving a little bit per paycheque through their workplace.

If your workplace doesn’t have a United Way campaign, maybe it is time to start!

Already have a campaign? View our campaign toolkit for helpful resources.

Benefits to a Workplace Campaign

  • A workplace campaign is good for staff morale – United Way provides employee growth opportunities and builds teamwork within your organization. It also brings together employees from all levels and departments who might not otherwise have the opportunity to work together, thereby fostering a stronger, more cohesive and more motivated work force.
  • Employees learn about volunteer opportunities in their community.
  • Supporting United Way can be fun – boosting employee morale and increasing job commitment.
  • The employees learn about the services available to them (should they need them) – nearly 1 in 3 people in the Fraser Valley use services supported by United Way. Your employees may benefit from these services, creating a stronger, healthier work force.
  • Employees have the opportunity to contribute easily by way of a small amount per pay that will make them feel that they are making meaningful difference to society and the lives of others.
  • United Way also allows employees to give to any registered charity in Canada, so they can choose whatever charity they like.
  • Your company is seen by employees and the community to be practicing corporate social responsibility.
  • We work with your company, respecting your time, work environment and culture.

Interested in Starting A Workplace Campaign?

For more info on how you can help your community as a team call JennSouk 604-852-1234.