Our Priorities

Where is the best place to invest our donor’s gifts, to get the greatest results?

In 2005 and again in 2010 United Way consulted with the community to identify the issues that are most critical in the Fraser Valley. We wanted input from residents from Aldergrove to Hope, and Mission to Boston Bar.

In both community consultations, the results were clear. Helping make sure kids are ready for school and reducing homelessness and poverty are necessary to create a healthy, vibrant Fraser Valley.

Helping Kids Be All They Can Be

Helping kids be all they can be will improve the chances a child will grow to be a successful adult.

The first six years in a child’s life are critical in developing a healthy mental, social, emotional, and physical foundation. Without a strong foundation, nearly 32% of the children in our community begin school with a disadvantage, and may struggle throughout life.

In addition to our Success By 6® initiatives we also fund parenting courses, literacy programs and early childhood screening for developmental delays.


Moving People From Poverty to Possibility

Moving people out of poverty helps reduce the amount of community support and social services required. Wouldn’t it be great if the Fraser Valley didn’t need Food Banks? Helping people get access to affordable housing is more than just having a place to sleep at night – it is about having a place to call home – where one can feel safe, secure and able to focus on attaining a healthy and productive quality of life. Over 8,700 families in the Fraser Valley are currently in need of more affordable housing.

Also, more than 40% of those considered to be poor are working parents who do not have the social and economic resources to support themselves and their children. United Way invests in programs and initiatives to help the 61,180 struggling Fraser Valley families & individuals help themselves become economically self-sufficient.

Some example of programs United Way has been funding is one that helps youth with high-risk behaviours gain the skills and knowledge to live independently, skills improvements for single mothers and a rent bank to make short term loans to individuals at risk of becoming homeless


Building Strong Communities

We have the mountains, lakes and farms. We also have a diverse community that needs to be looked after to be strong and vibrant. When you give directly to United Way Fraser Valley, you are helping build strong communities, communities where people feel connected and supported. We help seniors live independently; fund bc211, a free telephone helpline; make sure that essential social services are available in times of crisis, and support communities to develop public policy that promotes positive change and pushes improvements forward.

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