Building Strong Communities

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Helping People Connect
to Local Supports


Fostering Neighbourhood &
Community Engagement

What is the need?

Last year, one out of every three people used a service supported by United Way.

You never know when you or a loved one may need help – so we need to look after each other.

What do we do about it?

To make sure the vital social services are available in times of crisis, United Way Fraser Valley has 28 Community Partners that allow people to thrive.

We also address Fraser Valley-wide issues, strengthening the communities in need of support. Through our advocacy, communities develop public policy that promotes positive change and pushes improvements forward.

80722 lives

touched by our 28 community partners.

1521 people

used bc211, a free helpline to connect them to a local service.

32700 bus passes

given out by United Way's Emergency Transit Assistance program, sponsored by the City of Abbotsford & the District of Mission.

$ 258494

invested in 2015 directly into the Fraser Valley to build a strong community.