Helping Kids Be All They Can Be


Supporting individuals to be strong parents

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Offering early childhood learning programs


Giving kids a good start in life

What is the need?

It’s simple – the more we can help kids be ready for kindergarten, the better they will do in school and in life. Children are born with limitless potential. Their experiences and environment in their first six years have an effect on their development that can last a lifetime.

In the Fraser Valley, one out of every three children is starting kindergarten behind; in some communities it is one in two.

What do we do about it?

United Way funds programs that help improve life outcomes, enabling kids to lead happy lives and achieve their goals. By helping young people grow up strong and healthy, we can prevent the development of problems that can all too easily result from challenges experienced in childhood, such as failing to finish high school, unemployment, poor mental and physical health, and the persistence of poverty.

6625 children

were helped to succeed in school by United Way Fraser Valley donors last year.

23000 books

were given to children's early learning programs & elementary schools in the Fraser Valley through our partnership with Discover Books.

$ 70240

The amount United Way invested in 2014 to support children in our community to grow up healthy & achieve success.

$ 106114

This additional amount was invested in children's programs all over the Fraser Valley through Success by 6, a partnership between United Way, The Credit Unions of BC and the Ministry of Children & Families.