Moving People From Poverty To Possiblity

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Moving People Out of Poverty


Helping Families & Individuals Access Affordable, Healthy Food


Reducing Homelessness

What is the need?

When people face tough times, everyone in our community suffers. Currently, 25% of Fraser Valley households are existing below what is called the “affordability standard,” meaning they spend more than 30% of their before-tax household income just on shelter. This leaves little left for the necessities: food, childcare, clothing, education and transportation to a job.

The amount of people using food banks is increasing. United Way, with your help, is investing in education to help lift people out of poverty and allow them to help themselves, so that there will be a day when food banks aren’t needed.

What do we do about it?

Through our Vibrant Abbotsford initiative, fresh, healthy food was made more affordable. Families and individuals were able to purchase 2,000 boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables at a reduced price.

The Fraser Valley has a large number of homeless people, and the amount of teens living on the street is a tragedy. Through United Way’s advocacy and grants aimed at creating more affordable housing and caring for our youth, we are turning the numbers around. Families are able to find homes, and to stay in their homes when a crisis hits.

444 families & individuals

Were able to purchase fresh fruit & vegetables at a reduced price. Harvest Box clients saved at total of $5,283.

2539 people

struggling with poverty were helped to find their way by our donor's gifts last year.

573 teens

Were given refuge from the streets and helped back onto a healthy path.

$ 147605

The amount invested in moving people from Poverty to Possibility in 2015.