Amanda's Story

The Mission’s Kitchens has given me the confidence to take on cooking, baking and food preparation initiatives that I never would have tried before. It also familiarized me with various useful kitchen utensils and appliances that I never used before – such as a food processor, butter pastry cutter, and parchment paper. By learning how to make apple pie from scratch, for instance, I learned that baking can be easy and it gave me the ability (which I appreciate as a Mom) to control the ingredients – e.g. amount of sugar, organic ingredients, substitutes, etc. The new knowledge has helped make food preparation for my family easier, quicker, more delicious and more nutritious (and cheaper!) and I know I can rely on less pre-packaged ingredients and food products. As an example, now I can make chicken stock, biscuits, and spanakopita (spinach pie) from scratch where I used to purchase these items packaged or frozen at the store.

The coordinators of the kitchen were so enthusiastic about local, healthy food that it inspired me to look into local food sources. The kitchen grows its own food in the community garden . . . which gave me an idea. We live in an apartment without access to land, but we could grow some of our own food as a family in the community garden. We now have our own lovely plot with hardy greens (kale, chard, broccoli, etc.) and some garlic planted, which was kindly given to me by the coordinator. This has also been a great family experience as the kids helped out to plant the garden and are excited watching it grow.

~ Amanda, Basics Kitchen Participant, Mother of Four