Joe's Story

Story written by a mom of a Sandcastle Preschool Student

My son went to Sandcastle Preschool for two years, and is currently in kindergarten. He was very well prepared for the transition thanks to his time at Sandcastle. Circle time, taking turns, sharing toys and actively participating in centers were key skills he learned. His kindergarten teacher commented on our son’s ability to follow directions, his willingness to listen and his understanding of pre-reading concepts. The two years at the preschool were crucial to his success.

Our son has autism. The first year at Sandcastle he spent learning basic skills such as waiting in line, sitting still in circle, actively playing with other students. He was able to be toilet-trained due to peer modeling. By the second year he was able to build on those skills and comprehend the pre-kindergarten concepts of before and after, up and down, over and under, etc. His social skills improved enormously. He even had a best friend. He participated in fine-motor activities, helping him establish a dominate hand. He learned to spell his name, recognize colours, shapes, numbers 1-10 and some letters.

His time at Sandcastle Preschool was paramount to his success at elementary school. He is a happy, vocal, well adjusted kindergartener. If he did not attend Sandcastle Preschool this would not be the case.