Kara's Story

My son had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & attention deficit disorder (ADD). He was difficult to deal with, and our family felt like it was falling apart. He was very violent, threatening to suicide and to kill his parents.

I had tried everything else and then was referred to the Ann Davis Transition Society.

My goal was to better my relationship with my son, and to see if there is more to his behaviour than just a “quick” diagnosis after a one-time meeting with psychiatrist.

With the counselling, I have completely changed my parenting strategies. I am feeling more confident. This has brought our family closer together.

Since the counselling, he has become more loving (softened), he loves to cuddle now. He has more good days than bad. He is at worst 50% less violent and at best 100%. We went from being held hostage in our room to becoming confident parents. We are so thankful to Sheraz and Ann Davis Transition Society for the help and look forward to a promising good result in the end.