Maggie's Story

When I retired in 2008, I was looking for something to do. I saw a photo and story of a volunteer with Abbotsford Peer Support for Seniors and her client in the Abbotsford Times and decided I would like to do that.

I joined Abbotsford Peer Support and after completing my training course, I was assigned a client.

I first visited her in her condo five years ago when she was 90. About a month later she had a mini-stroke and her family moved her to the Tabor Home where I continue to visit her.

She has two devoted daughters who live in Abbotsford and they take of her needs, but she is still lonely. She is rapidly losing her vision and hearing – so she’s alone in a crowd.

I am fortunate to have a voice that she can still hear and when she does not understand, I use her white board to print very large or draw a picture.

We have lovely chats and share some good laughs. She has a lively mind, which mostly lives in the past. She shares her vivid girlhood memories of living on a farm in rural Alberta. Her stories about making soap and haying and milking cows are fascinating insight into a very different way of life in by-gone days on the Prairies.

She always has the table set for two, and, as we enjoy our coffee and our conversations together, I am sure that I get as much out of these visits as she does.