Ricky's Story

As a baby, Rick was abandoned by his parents and he was placed in foster care. He was physically and emotionally underdeveloped and had very weak foster care. He was often anxious and angry due to early mental trauma.

At three years old he was enrolled in one of our programs. He was withdrawn and oppositional. A special educational program was implemented and was adjusted the equipment for him. “Brain Dance” was used for daily cognitive development. We adjusted small balls at the end of pencils and chalk for an easier grasp and we offered spring loaded scissors. A small lightweight trike was purchased for him so that eventually, he was able to keep with his peers to be included in play. By coming everyday he had a routine that helped him bond with his peers and adults.

With consistent daily interaction, encouraging him to play, providing opportunities to strengthen his overall muscle tone; Rick grew stronger, felt more confident, made friends and began to trust adults.