Sharon's Story

When I arrived at the doors of the church to attend the Sardis Doorway Program over five years ago, I was hurting from a broken relationship. I was full of fear, shame and guilt, and at the threshold in my journey to freedom from active addiction.

I was also five months pregnant with a fifteen-month-old daughter literally attached to my hip, a six-year-old daughter and a rebellious fifteen-year-old son. The Director and Volunteers at Sardis DoorWay accepted, validated, and treated me with dignity and respect without judgment, regardless of my past.

As a result, it has made a profound impact on my self-esteem and self-confidence that produced a sense of belonging and well being. Furthermore, the emotional, physical and spiritual support and encouragement has been extremely instrumental in making a positive impact on me and my children, and to make being a single parent more bearable.

The qualities demonstrated by the volunteers have continued throughout my time at the program, helping me discover a direction and purpose for my life."

Sharon B.

Note: In the past, Sharon made gift baskets to sell in order to be able to support her addiction. After coming to DoorWay, one Easter Sharon put together over 45 Easter Baskets and donated them to all the children at DoorWay using all the supplies that she had in her home from days gone by. Sharon has been sober for over seven years now and has been able to purchase a home for her family. She has gone back to school to upgrade her education and wants to pursue a certificate to become a drug abuse counselor.