Trudy & Ken's Story

"My husband and I moved to Chilliwack Sept. 2009. We almost felt we had made a mistake in doing so. We didn’t know anyone and didn’t know where or how to meet anyone. (We’re rather shy sometimes.)

We found out about the Chilliwack Senior Resource Society and checked into it. We are so happy we did! By signing up for bus trips put on by the Society, we have met so many people and so many doors have now been open for us. The trips we have taken have been a godsend. We have gone to many places we normally could not have gone to on our own. Some Seniors don’t drive so without the bus, they would be unable to get out for a few hours of fun. For the ones who do still drive, it’s usually just around town and long trips or driving at night is out of the question.

There are places we didn’t know existed until the wonderful and knowledgeable staff at the Society brought it our our attention! The hostesses on the bus make sure we enjoy ourselves and the drivers are safe and know their way around. We now take several bus trips to different places a month. We get to see the different venues and meet other people on the bus with us. We have finally made new friends!

We don’t know what we would do if the bus trip program stopped or didn’t exist, but we are thankful to have such a service in Chilliwack. Please send on our many thanks to all involved in providing such an invaluable service to Chilliwack."

Yours truly,

Ken & Trudy Parke Chilliwack, BC